Jason Walker


2021 - Present:

Principal Software Engineer - Project Kuiper

  • Built tools which are used to compile and test embedded software artifacts for satellite and ground-based devices.

  • Delivered a CI/CD pipeline for more than 24 different FPGA boards, using Docker, AWS CodeBuild, and internal build tools.

  • Introduced a devops culture to multiple FPGA teams, including code review and on-call processes.

2018 - 2021:

Principal Software Engineer - Robotics Advanced Technology

  • Integrated material handling equipment to automate logistic processes across all of Amazon’s fulfillment network.

  • Deployed one of the first automated workcells built on AWS serverless technologies, including Lambda, IoT, QLDB, and GraphQL.

  • Designed and developed a work orchestration platform responsible for load-balancing order fulfillment processes across automated and manual workcells.

  • Partnered with our Controls Engineers to introduce devops processes and tools for PLCs and embedded systems.

  • Mentored engineers and actively participated in hiring and promotion processes.

2012 - 2018:

Senior Software Engineer - ReCommerce

  • Developed the back-end services and logistics tools for routing all of Amazon’s damaged and overstock inventory to the most optimal destination.

  • Designed, developed, tested, and supported software used by thousands of employees in 11+ countries, and selling to millions of customers world-wide.

  • Designed and built the infrastructure components that run the majority of the team’s software, including:

    • A document database built on DynamoDB, S3, and Kinesis.

    • A business rules engine that processes thousands of requests per second.

  • Led my team of ~60 SDEs to constantly improve our software’s quality:

    • Raised the average test coverage from 10% to above 75% across hundreds of software packages.

    • Adopted a continuous deployment process for the majority of 100+ interdependent services.

    • Reduced high severity tickets from over 400/year to under 100.

Technologies Used: Java, Kotlin, Python, TypeScript, Oracle, AWS


2011 - 2012:

Senior Software Engineer - Logistics

  • Developed and maintained the in-house order management system, warehouse management system, internal web apps, and other logistics software.

  • Implemented a business-to-business communication layer with a third-party logistic vendor to open the company’s first international warehouse.

  • Redesigned and upgraded the team’s data layer, resulting in faster and more testable code.

  • Organized the team’s professional development efforts, including a weekly developer training lunch.

Technologies Used: C#, ASP.NET MVC, SQL Server, Microsoft BizTalk, AS2, EDI

Blackfin Technology

2005 – 2011:

Software Engineer - Web Development

  • Responsible for developing web applications on ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, and PHP frameworks.

  • Worked with designers to create usable, standards-compliant web designs in HTML and CSS.

  • Developed rich client-side interfaces using JavaScript with jQuery and Prototype.

  • Implemented data access layers using a variety of Object-Relational Mapping tools for .NET including nHibernate and LINQ to SQL.

  • Created components that were reused on a variety of projects including an automatic bug reporting component, an HTML to PDF/PowerPoint converter, a RETS client, and a library of commonly used C# and JavaScript code.

  • Helped lead Blackfin’s continuing education program, including giving several presentations on new technologies and design practices – both internally and at Boise’s Code Camp.

Technologies Used: C#, ASP.NET MVC, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WPF, XML/XSLT, SQL Server, RavenDB



B.S. Computer Science - Florida State University


A.A. Honors - University of North Florida


  • Sailing: I volunteer as a Director of the Corinthian Yacht Club, helping to teach kids to sail.

  • Camping: Before COVID, I was the founder and Scoutmaster of a small scout group for 6-11 year olds.

  • Flying: Kites, planes, and high-altitude balloons; if it flies, I want to fly it.